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Suede and nubuck<br>eraser
Suede and nubuck<br>eraser

Suede and nubuck

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Our Suede & Nubuck eraser is the perfect tool for cleaning shoes with suede and nubuck material. Those materials are not susceptible to liquid fluids.

The eraser is good at cleaning shoes with particularly dirty suede or nubuck surfaces as it gently cleans in depth without destroying the material. The suede and nubuck eraser maintains the structure of the material.

The eraser can also be used for cleaning the sole of your sneakers. You can easily supply the cleaning of your dirty suede or nubuck sneakers with the brush made for the purpose. See it here.


How to use the eraser: 

  1. Start by brushing the shoe as much as you can with a brush. Avoid pressing too hard with the brush. See our specially produced brush for suede & nubuck here. 
  2. Use the eraser by gently rubbing it at the dirty surfaces. 
  3. Use a brush to remove excessive material from the eraser. 
  4. Remember to impregnate your shoes hereafter. See our impregnator here.


REMEMBER: We have a 14 days return policy and 100% price guarantee


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