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Scent Balls<br>contain natural aromas
Scent Balls<br>contain natural aromas

Scent Balls
contain natural aromas

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Tired of the stench from your smelly feet?

Make your sneakers smell fresh all the time with our scent balls. They have a nice and refreshing smell that gives you the best result. Use the scent balls and get rid of the smelly shoes! 

The scent balls contain a gel, that evaporates over time and eliminates the stench of smelly shoes. The gel contains natural aromas. 

How to use the scent balls:  

  1. Take off your shoes.
  2. Put the scent balls in your shoes - one ball in each shoe.
  3. Take out the scent balls and put on your shoes.

*The scent balls should be used every day in case of extreme smell

REMEMBER: We return within 14 days and have 100% price guarantee.


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