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Suede Foam<br>(shoes, boots, surfaces etc.)
Suede Foam<br>(shoes, boots, surfaces etc.)

Suede Foam
(shoes, boots, surfaces etc.)

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Suede Foam suitable for suede and nubuck

Our suede foam is an effective way of cleaning all materials such as leather, suede, nubuck and all textile materials. The product is extremely effective when cleaning suede and nubuck. The foam cleans in depth and loosens the dirt, removes salt shields, water-soluble stains and other kind of dirt.

How to use the suede foam:

  1. Brush the shoe with a soft brush
  2. Shake the container
  3. Put on the foam and use the brush
  4. Remove excessive foam with a damp cloth

REMEMBER: We have a 14 days return policy and 100% price guarantee.


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