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The Original
Sneakers Kit

All you need to clean your sneakers!   150 ml Sneakers Cleaner (50 cleanings)  Sneakers Soap produced in Denmark (Eco-labeled)Specially developed premium brush - Can be used for all sneakers materialsMicrofiber...

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Sneakers Kit <br>+ Nano impregnator
- 17%

Sneakers Kit
+ Nano impregnator

Clean your sneakers to perfection! With this Kit you receive everything you need to clean your sneakers to absolute perfection. The Original Sneakers Kit is developed in Denmark and consists solely...

€41,00 €34,00
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Sneakers Cleaner
(Eco-friendly soap)

Clean Sneaks Sneakers Cleaner is a danish and eco-friendly soap made for all types of sneakers. The soap is a foamy and effective soap that can be applied directly on the...

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Super White
Makes your shoes white again

Is the white colour on your sneakers almost worn down? Our Super White is a great product that easily makes your sneakers white again. It contains white pigment that absorbs...

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Super Black
Makes your sneakers black again

Is the black colour on your sneakers almost worn down? Our Super Black is a great product that easily makes your sneakers black again. It contains black pigment that absorbs...

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Premium Clean Deal<br>Best Offer
- 28%

Premium Clean Deal
Best Offer

All the products you need in one box!  The Big Package is for everyone that wants clean sneakers. The package contains all the necessary items to clean even the most dirty shoes....

€70,00 €50,00
Golden Clean Deal<br>Special Offer
- 30%

Golden Clean Deal
Special Offer

In Clean Sneaks - Medium Package, you will find a large selection of our custom-made products so you can clean your dirty sneakers to perfection.The Medium Package contains: The Orignal Sneakers Kit The Orignal...

€60,00 €42,00

Sneaker Brush
All Round

Sneaker Brush is the perfect tool to clean your sneakers. 

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Suede and nubuck

Our Suede & Nubuck eraser is the perfect tool for cleaning shoes with suede and nubuck material. Those materials are not susceptible to liquid fluids.The eraser is good at cleaning shoes with...

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Sneakers brush
(3 in 1 brush)

3 in 1 brush Clean Sneaks 3 in 1 brush is very effective when it comes to cleaning suede and nubuck. The brush has three sides consisting of rubber, suede...

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Salt Remover
Remove the salt stains

How to remove salt stains You probably know the problem! It is winter and there is salt everywhere in the streets. The salt damages your shoes and makes white stains on...

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Suede Foam
(shoes, boots, surfaces etc.)

Suede Foam suitable for suede and nubuck Our suede foam is an effective way of cleaning all materials such as leather, suede, nubuck and all textile materials. The product is extremely...

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Suede cleaning kit <br>(total cleaning of suede)
- 18%

Suede cleaning kit
(total cleaning of suede)

How to clean your suede shoes! How do you clean suede? That is a question we often get, and now we have the complete package for you to easily and...

€33,00 €27,00
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Suede & Nubuck Brush
(cleaning of suede)

Clean your suede and nubuck sneakers in depth Our Suede & Nubuck Brush is developed to clean sneakers made of suede and nubuck. The brush is easy to use and removes dirt...

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